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Los Angeles, CA



Kick The Sugar Habit

Lauren Rashap


Wishing you all a healthy, vibrant 2016! Hope you are all celebrating with family and friends over good food and a little resveratrol!

If you’re like me, I seem to religiously use the holidays as an excuse to overindulge. Whether it be that additional glass of my favorite Super Tuscan red or sharing a flourless chocolate torte with my daughter. FYI:  my one bite policy was a bust! While I teach my clients about moderation, that definition is subject to interpretation. After 20 years in practice as an integrative nutritionist, I think I’ve finally cracked the “Crack”.

If you've worked with me in the past or been to one my lectures, you know I present the hard, cold facts on sugar consumption.  It operates in our brains exactly like crack cocaine.  In fact, according to research presented by one of my go-to sources, Kris Gunnar's Authority Nutrition, “Sugar and highly processed junk foods can have the same effect as drug abuse. Sugar also has some effects on opioid pathways within the brain, the same system manipulated by drugs like heroin and morphine.”  

This is why highly processed, sugar-laden foods can make (some) people lose control over their consumption. They hijack the same brain pathways as drugs of abuse." 

So rather than beating yourself up for over past addictions, make a resolution to clean up your act. Take the 30 day NO REFINED SUGAR plunge challenge with me. To get you started, I’m offering a 3 day CUT THE CRAP SUGAR DETOX with my signature “food-based” cleanses. 

Sign Up Today to retrain your tastebuds, recharge your battery, and shed some skin with my 3-Day SUGAR DETOX. 

Do it with me or Do it yourself.  Follow me on Facebook for daily coaching during the 30 SUGAR FREE CHALLENGE.

Here’s what you get to retrain your tastebuds, recharge your battery, and shed some skin:

  • AM probiotic that addresses potential yeast or compromised gut flora
  • Low Glycemic Breakfast Smoothie to balance not boost (like most smoothies) blood sugar
  • Mid Morning Snack: My Collagen, Sugar Free, Gluten Free Bar
  • Lunch: Nutrient dense soup with perfect balance of protein, fat and low carb
  • Elixir: Anti-inflammatory/fermented tonic with omega 3 charge
  • Afternoon Snack: Bone broth or sprouted snack
  • Dinner: Depending on weight loss goals - choose between liquid or solid meal (vegan, vegetarian options avail)
  • Bedtime: Detox Tea and Supplements