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Los Angeles, CA


The Case for Coconut


The Case for Coconut

Lauren Rashap

The benefits of coconut oil have a history that dates back a few thousand years as a system of natural healing with its origins in India, the uses being so respected they were documented by Ayurvedicmedicine in Sanskrit from 1500BC in all areas relating to the mind, body and spirit.. Modern science has  since gone on and documented its effectiveness as a moisturizer. Yet, when it comes to coconut in the kitchen most remain skeptical and  surprised to learn about the damaging effects of your go-to poly and mono fats in your recipes, fry pans and baking dishes.

Last year, I hand-crafted a select skin care line made of only the finest RAW virgin coconut products with organic essential oils that help restore your vibrance.  My Scalp and Skin Body Oil is a one-stop cosmetic shop. It conditions the scalp, silkens the hair, removes eye make-up, feeds the face and slows fine lines.