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Los Angeles, CA


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Eco Home Detox

Your home may be one of the reasons why you feel like you are on a non-stop, hormonal rollercoaster!  My recent talk at the Bel Air Bay club (see video above) revealed a plan to hack "unhealthy" lifestyle habits and "blue zone" your home!

We, at Lauren Living Healthy, launched our Eco-Home Detox Service this past summer. (See below for details.) Many of our clients thought their home and work environments were relatively clean, free of toxic exposure, but when looking beneath the surface, we uncovered 100's of toxic chemicals, hormone disrupting cosmetics and beauty products, poor indoor air quality, emf pollution, unsafe drinking water, harmful oxidized fats in the pantry and even pots and pans coated with non stick toxic Teflon.

Eco Healthy Home Detox Services

Fridge, pantry, food storage, drinking/cooking water, non GMO earthquake and emergency food supplies,cleaning supplies, water, pots/pans, cooking/baking staples

Main House:
EMF Neutralizing/Wifi/Computer shields/Iphones, plant therapy, Non- toxic furniture, decor, low and non-VOC paint
recommendations avail by appt with LLH private consultant.

Laundry Room:
Cleaning supplies- laundry soap, floor cleaner, chlorine free alternatives.

Personal care products, shampoos, make-up, cosmetics.

Air quality, plant therapy, salt lamps, diffusing, EMF protection, organic mattress recommendations avail.

LLH can purchase or supply LLH replacement products for client or will provide list of LLH approved products upon completion of the service. 

Click the link below to schedule your appointment, spaces are limited! 20% off the regular service. From under the sink, to the stove top, pantry, laundry room, bathroom, including a full analysis of your cosmetics/ skin care for Through the month of November, take advantage and balance your health and your hormones with LLH's ECO HOME DETOX. Virtual detox service avail for out of towners!

Here’s what one client had to say, “Before Lauren and Lauren living healthy team came into my home, I had no idea of the hidden and insidious places chemicals and toxins were hiding in my perfectly “clean” home. I will say, we are all breathing, sleeping, bathing, eating and feeling better in our newly “detoxified” environment. I only wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to do this necessary service to support the health and well-being of my family" Marcie S.