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Los Angeles, CA


Yoga & Meditation


Lauren Rashap, 3rd generation yogi, combines the yogic gifts of healing and meditation practices passed down by her grandmother and mother. As a certified instructor with more than 25 years working and studying with various yoga and meditation masters, Lauren has created a unique hands-on yoga and guided-meditation approach that caters to clients' physical and spiritual needs.

Using her own body as an apparatus, Lauren adjusts, strengthens and stretches her students into shape while they flow, breathe, and meditate through a series of Iyengar inspired hatha poses.

Whether you are discovering yoga for the first time, recovering from an injury, or looking to take your practice to a higher level, Lauren’s hands-on technique rapidly accelerates change in your body and your mind.

Lauren Living Healthy yoga takes you out of the crowded classroom into your home, your office, or into the intimacy of Lauren’s studio.