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Los Angeles, CA


Nutrition Consulting

Scientific. Specific. Simple.

 Lauren Living Healthy custom programs work where other programs fail

because they “blend” the mind and body… from the ground up.


Ask Yourself...

 Are you balancing your meals according to your unique metabolism, blood type and health profile or following fad diets for fast but fleeting results?

Are you eating mindfully or munching mindlessly to stuff your body and emotions?

Are you able to interpret the messages and signals your body gives you that reveal nutritional imbalances?


From the Consult to the Kitchen.... 

  • Initial consultation - 90 minutes in office or at your home
  • Complete analysis of 3 day food journal.
  • Review of most recent blood work (if you have it) to fully customize your program.
  • 2-week jumpstart detox program, monitored daily either by phone, text or email.
  • Follow-up consults are in-home and include a custom kitchen makeover and healthful cooking training. 
    • Weekly sessions are at client’s discretion and offered at a reduced rate if booked at the time of initial consult. (Particularly recommended for clients working on chronic health issues and weight loss.)