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Los Angeles, CA



Lizanne Falsetto, CEO

entrepreneur, media personality, creator of Think Thin Empire

Cynthia h.

"One need only to look at Lauren’s flawless skin to recognize that she has the regimen and recipe to living a vibrant life. I first met Lauren in 2010 and was drawn to her wellness expertise immediately. Lauren was featured twice on my radio show, Business Rockstar Women, and together we sat on YPO Global Leadership Conference panel to discuss health and longevity. Lauren speaks with knowledge, confidence and passion and commands the attention of her audience by presenting hard-hitting facts, compelling research and unique insights into the latest trends in the world of nutrition and wellness."

"Lauren has become the nutritional, health and wellness advisor to three generations of my family--myself, my two daughters, and my mother. We all have different challenges ranging from weight loss, cutting back on sugar, inflammation and just wanting to eat healthier.


For one daughter, a Division One athlete in college, we had to rebuild her immune system and strength following sinus surgery. For my other daughter, and myself, it was cutting back on sugar cravings and losing weight. For my mother, a senior, it was dealing with a leaky gut, inflammation and arthritis. 

I'm happy to report the amazing difference following Lauren's program made in each of our lives. We are healthier, stronger, lighter, and aches and pains are greatly diminished.

Her caring but firm manner will make you feel supported and in good hands. Lauren is truly a gift!"


"I met with Lauren and told her what I was going through and she worked with me on a specific program as well as introducing supplements to counter my symptoms. After eight weeks of following her program, day one of week nine something amazing happened! I didn’t take a nap all day, my brain fog lifted and the best thing was that day one was just the beginning. Also my eczema has cleared up completely by week twelve. It’s been about five months now and I continue to follow the program. I have so much energy, I feel like a normal person. Lauren, you have given me my life back."

Loren L. 

"I have been struggling to give up sugar for a while now. Lauren was my last hope and I’m so glad I gave her cleanse a try. It gave me the jump-start I needed to get back on track. I am now eating healthy again and am saying no to the desserts that I once craved so much."

Sarah Prinsloo

"At first site, Lauren’s knowledge of healthy skin shows clearly on her face.  A glowing example of proper diet and her unique edible skin care line, Lauren walks her talk.  Her presentation at our YPO Women’s Conference was filled with valuable takeaways backed by her extensive knowledge of nutrition and self-care.   Her passion for helping other women look and feel their best shines through as she captured the audience with humor, encouragement and amazingly simple everyday things we can all do to look our best.  A truly joyful presentation!"

Angela Nazarian

"I have had the good fortune of hearing Lauren Rashap speak at a number of events.    She not only has a remarkable depth of knowledge on health and wellness, but also has a seamless way of unpacking complex ideas for the audience.  Her professionalism, warmth, and level of engagement make her into a stellar presenter."

Pam B.

"I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  I tried all kinds of western medicine that made me feel ill. Lauren referred me to a holistic Rheumatologist — utilizing western and eastern solutions.  My new protocol includes a small amount of Methatrexate (western medicine that I am working on getting off), acupuncture,Glutathione iV drip, light therapy, infrared sauna and Lauren’s morning shake with a variety of supplements Lauren recommended.  My psoriasis covered both legs from my feet to my thighs and they are now totally clear.  My fingers, wrist, knees and feet were so painful and now that has subsided.  I am grateful for Lauren’s guidance.  I can now play golf and workout without pain and more importantly (JK) wear dresses and shorts again." 

ROMI L.                          

                             I can't say enough good things about Lauren's approach to healthy living!  The                                recipes are amazing (and so easy to make) and even better is Lauren's wellness                                wisdom throughout the book.  After a few days on the program, I feel and look                                  like a new person.  My skin is glowing, my sugar cravings are reduced and I have                                so much more energy throughout the day.  Thank you Lauren for sharing your                                    program in this great book that everyone should have in their kitchen.