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Los Angeles, CA


Vibrant Skin At Any Age

I began writing this book several years ago, as a personal documentary of the various cleansing fads and detox protocols that for many years, became my obsession. Other programs, while different in execution, all seemed to yield only temporary results. 

Over the last 15 years in private practice, through trial-and-error, copious research and long hours in the kitchen, I have created a variety of winning formulas and stress-busting techniques that have worked their magic to unmask and maintain a more youthful glow, not only for myself, but for countless clients as well. 

Enclosed herein, are my face saving formulas, in an easy to follow, fast and flexible 3 day kickstart plan – that you can whip up at home. My goal is to inform and equip you with simple tools to incorporate readily available skin enhancing superfoods into your meals and blenders, as a way of life rather than a quick fix. So, stock up the fridge with organic fruits, veggies and herbs. Don your pantries with protein supplements, cacao, coconut, spices and essential fatty acids. The Lauren Living Healthy 3 day kickstart program is for all of us over 40 who want to beat the body fat beast, find some peace of mind, help rewrite the laws of gravity and radiate from the inside out.